Assistant Director

I said I needed to do this every day. I feel like the only thing holding me back at this point is some fear I can’t really put my finger on. Since I can’t work on it directly I am going to attempt to push through my old way of doing thing. I am going to focus my attention on becoming the type of person that I am being called to be.

I am amazed what a difference it makes when I “act the part” of this new person that I desire to be. I am confident. I am strong. I am funny. I am kind. I am open minded. I am open hearted. I am a healer. I am light and love. It takes me a moment to really FEEL this inside…. but once I do… once I am present…. I can feel the girl inside me light up.

Today it felt like we got to spend a long time together… me and my heart… Today we filmed our first semi professional commercial for FitRacers. I naturally took on the role of assistant director… I have never worked in film or production. It is something that I have always been curios of though! Today I got to really feel the role of being part of a filmmaking crew.

We had a great time! The vibe with the group was awesome. The director and I had a great vibe as well! He let me ask a ton of questions about the process and even showed me a few movies he had made in the past. I really had such a fun day!!

I could see today how my social and creative cup felt full. I came come and felt a spark inside me.. vs the “robotic” feeling. I am so ready for change! Today had such a good vibe! I am excited for tomorrow ❤

Love and Light