Aha Moment

My name is Nancy. I am 35 years old. I am the very awesome mom of two beautifully special kids. I am an amazing wife to my best friend. I grew up in a beautiful family where things worked. My mom and dad where best friends who fell in love and lived happily ever after. My sister and I are five years apart and have pretty much always been best friends. My childhood was perfect. Filled with family fun and adventures. My parents lived the good life and gave my sister and I all that they could.

At the time that was not good enough for me. At the time I remember thinking about how I wanted to be part of a “normal family” – what did that even mean to me?!? I knew that my mom didn’t always cook the yummiest of home cooked meals. I knew that my dad spent A LOT of time working. I knew we didn’t sit down for dinner as a family very often. Those are the big memories that stand out to me at the moment. They sure don’t seem very different from my life as a mom today…

That leaves me feeling the need to fix this problem – and lets not even call it a problem… lets call it a cycle. If I am making my children feel like their family life is so “not normal” then maybe those things that I was so concerned about as a child need to change. Maybe if I just tweeked those three little things… maybe my life would really SHIFT!

Lets see… I can see me in our house next year February 2,2018. My hubs and I are settled into our new home that we built and designed just for us. We were able to build our dream home with the money I started making when I took the true leap of faith and left my job as bedside nurse. Our house is beautiful and full of love. In the last year I learned to really manage our money and was able to pay off our debt and student loans. We are managing our money like responsible adults and we couldn’t be happier.

Since I’m basically working from home now I have been able to organize our household. I finally made that home management binder and meal planner. I’m doing all those things I’ve always dreamed of doing in our home. Some how I have managed to make time for crafting and learning with the kids. Since both the hubs and I were able to “take the leap of faith” we are both able to manage our schedules in a manner that sets aside our afternoons for family time. We have dinner together and spend the evenings as a family. We have learned to balance our family, personal, love, and even work life.

I have created the family that I used to fantasize about as a child. I am literally living my dream. Finding happiness like this has opened up possibilities to our family that we once only could dream about. Because I found love and light… because I SURVIVED… because I  LOVED…. I am here today. I am enough. I am love. I forgive myself for ever thinking any differently. I was asleep…. I just didn’t know. I forgive myself for misunderstanding. I love myself. I am ready to release this fear. I am ready to move forward. I welcome change. I welcome love. I welcome abundance. I am grateful for this dream come true life that I have been blessed with. I am grateful for the abundance of love that surrounds me. I am grateful that I have always had my own back. I am grateful that through all these life cycles I am always willing to change and grow. I am grateful for my open heart. I love myself.