My job right now is to define why I identify with the word SLOB.
Looking back I feel like I have always been a messy person. If I have to place this name on someone in my family it would be my dad. My mom was the major neat freak (and still is).
I never feel like anything I did was good enough so I choose to do nothing instead. For whatever reason, I believed that nothing I did was good enough. I just have never really understood that doing my best IS GOOD ENOUGH!
I have lived my life all or nothing. If the room wasn’t absolutely perfect then it wasn’t good enough. If I didn’t stick to a diet perfectly then why stick to anything at all. If I can’t follow a training plan exactly… what’s the point…. These are the thoughts of a slob.
I am ready to let those thoughts go. I am not giving up on myself. I have learned enough to know that I choose my thoughts and I love myself enough to acknowledge that this is an area in my life that I need to make a change in. I understand that before I was trying to please everyone else. I was trying to make everyone happy never once thinking that I deserved to make myself happy first.
I am ready to wholeheartedly love myself first. I am ready to show myself, unconditional love. I deserve unconditional love. I AM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
Do something for yourself today just because you love yourself… you deserve it!


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