Why do I identify with this word?????
I KNOW I am anything but invisible!
I know that I am a shining star! I know! I have no doubt. I BELIEVE I AM LIGHT.
So where does this invisibility stuff come from? Because my mom was busy chasing after my sister when I was younger??? Did she not have enough time to spread herself to both my sister and me??? Maybe… but I am a parent now and I know much better!
Love for one child does not take away your love for another. Some kids are more demanding… some need more attention.. it doesn’t take away from the other in any way. Like they say… one flower’s beauty does not take away from the beauty of the next flower.
There is no need for that jealousy and resentment.. it now longer serves you. If you find love within yourself.. nothing else really matters. Take a moment to realize that you are enough…. YOU ARE ENOUGH!
If someone doesn’t agree with that then they probably don’t need to part of your life. People should love you for being you. You should love you for being you… again… you are enough.
I was invisible to my own light. I was invisible to my own power. I was invisible to my own gifts. I am so grateful to know different… I thank god that my heart is open to love in a way I did not know existed before. To think that loving myself was such a foreign thought makes me a little sad. Why was I being so mean to myself? I just don’t know… I just didn’t know any better.
Maybe you don’t know any better…. let me be the one to give you a little nudge… take a look around for a minute and figure out if you happy. Do you feel joy? Do you feel joy daily? I wasn’t paying any attention to it before and days and weeks were slipping by without me anything… I was just existing… my friend this is not life.. this is not the magic that we were put here to experience. Put yourself first for a change and experience the magic!

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