There is something funny that happens when you start to open your eyes to the purpose of your life and why you are here. Suddenly you look around and as much as you try to look on the bright side…. work sucks! LOL!! Well, let’s be more specific… my job at the moment (I’m a nurse in the preop/endo department of a small hospital) SUCKS!!!

For as much as I love the women that I work with…. and this one particular guy… I get to work with my husband!! He’s a nurse as well! Sorry… let me focus…. the energy at work has been THICK, to say the least. There is just bad juju around… no other way to describe it! It’s sad because, to be honest, I really enjoy my job. For the last 5 years going to work has not “sucked.” Like any other job it has its ups and downs of course, but for the most part, it was a great place to work.

It’s a position that allows me to interact with my different people quite intimately on a daily basis. Some people are less than a pleasure to work with…. but then every once in a while you get a little golden nugget and you quickly remember why it is that you love this job in the first place. I thank my lucky stars that I have had the honor of connecting with several people in a very deep way. And although I wasn’t quite sure why it was that I would feel so connected to some people… I knew enough to know that it was magical. It’s my absolute favorite part about being a nurse.

To be honest, when I envision my future, I can still see myself using my nursing or maybe “healing hands.” My dream is to become financially independent so that I can peruse my new found passion for the mind, body, and soul. I feel that there is a whole new world out there that I knew nothing about that I am itching to know everything about!!! I would love to train with top mentors and develop my own healing practice. I can see myself connecting deeply with people and making a positive influence in their life. How could I not have the feeling of fulfillment in my career?

I’m actually going to go pin some ideas about this future career to help with my visualization. I took a MindValley course today and one of my golden nuggets was “Focus on the feeling.” I am defiantly feeling a good feeling at the moment so I’m gonna use the good vibes and create the future of my dreams!


Love and Light


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