The first POST!

Today is December 29, 2016.

I have been putting off writing this first post for a while now by telling myself that I need the perfect site or really perfect anything… the problem is me trying to wait until the perfect time…. Lets all be honest here for a second and do a gut check… I know we have all been there and done this before! “I’ll wait until….. BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

My god it feels like my whole life revolves around that story. Today is different though. Today I am well aware that I am not alone in the silly little things that I go through every single day. From the looking in the mirror and saying to myself “I’ll start on Monday” to the “This will get easier once X happens…” Lets face it! We are all guilty.

So I feel that I am here to really make a change. I am no longer going to live my life saying “I’ll be happy when…” Today I choose instead to BE HAPPY IN THIS MOMEMENT. I choose HAPPY. I choose to change my way of thinking and start living my life with a more positive outlook.  I want to feel connected to my spirit and follow my heart in this ride we LIFE!

2017 is my year. I am going to reinvent myself and go out there and make things happen. I have a new perspective on life and it feels exhilarating!  I found light in the darkest of nights and I know it is my turn to help others by sharing this light. I spent too many years asleep… letting life pass me by while I just sat there. I was doing the best  that I could surviving day by day. To be honest I still am. I am working my way though all the rubble of this life I have lived.

This blog is to keep me accountable to making changes. I am going to change it all! From my health to my relationships to my bank account!!! Join me though this journey of self discovery and personal growth! I am going to help so many people! I just know it! But first.. first I have to help my self. I am going to DO! I am going to do something every single day to be better than I was the day before. Even if that just means sharing a blog post.

I am not waiting until everything is just right. I am starting this moment. I am excited! I am ready! Lets do this!!

Peace and Love,



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